Google Cloud Next London 2023

Google Cloud
Next London

We are excited to be sponsoring Google Cloud Next London 2023! Join us for two days of discovery and innovation. 

11-12th October | Tobacco Dock, London

Google Cloud Next London

Join us for our
Lightning Talk!

Discover the practical side of GenAI with Datatonic’s Lightning Talk. We reveal insights from real customer projects, from opening the gaming metaverse with Hiber, to enhancing customer experiences for retail giants. Learn how GenAI bridges tech and business, the key role of data foundations, and strategies for organisation-wide adoption. Maximise GenAI’s potential – join us for this session.

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Come and see us at
Stand 24!

We’ll be next to the Formula E Gen Beta demo, discussing all things related to Generative AI, FinOps, Data + AI, and more. You’ll be able to win sweet treats, and free Generative AI training! 

Google Cloud Next London

Live GenAI demos

We’ll be showing a range of cutting-edge Generative AI demos, to show you how you can optimise processes, increase revenues, and enhance customer experiences.

Social Media Post Generator


Generative AI enables organisations to generate customised and ad-hoc text content for each image provided, following campaign-specific guidelines, reducing costs and increasing engagement rates.

Analytics Assistant


A Generative AI-powered Analytics Assistant allows businesses to democratise access to all of their structured data, allowing teams to “talk” to their data, and gain rapid accurate insights in multiple formats.

3D Asset Creation


Datatonic worked with Hiber to lower the barriers to game creation by harnessing Generative AI. Players can now generate entire 3D worlds and assets using natural language queries. 



Chat with your data and dashboards through a fully secure, enterprise-grade Large Language Model embedded in Looker. Enable faster Looker adoption, data + insight access and faster ROI on Looker investment.

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