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We’re helping leading businesses solve their most pressing business challenges with data + AI.

Generative AI

Create new content, such as text, images, and code, to provide innovative customer experiences and boost the efficiency of internal teams.

Migrate to Cloud

Migrate from legacy systems to the cloud to optimize business data and processes to achieve speed, scalability, and security.

Marketing Analytics

Gather, analyze, and interpret data to gain valuable insights into customer behaviour, campaign effectiveness, and market trends.

Generative AI
with Hiber

Hiber uses Generative AI to provide innovative new experiences for its players. Users can type a description of the world they are imagining, and then play in it immediately.


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Generative AI Gaming
MLOps + LLMOps

Deploy ML models with faster time to value, increased impact, and reduced maintenance costs + unlock new revenue streams.

Enterprise Analytics

Access self-service analytics at scale, harnessing data to improve operational efficiency, achieve higher profitability and enable faster decision-making.

Computer Vision

Improve manufacturing processes, provide innovative in-app experiences, or develop a custom use case to unlock new value.

MLOps + LLMOps
for BT

BT is using MLOps to rapidly accelerate its Machine Learning development lifecycle, reducing deployment time from six months to six days.

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BT Tower
Anomaly Detection

Use Machine Learning to detect various anomalies, such as KPI tracking or cloud spend, reducing manual effort on reporting and monitoring.


Make personalization possible with advanced Recommender Systems and Propensity Scoring, to find the right buyers for every product.

Responsible AI

Unlock AI’s full potential to transform industries and improve lives, while maintaining safety and security by developing + deploying AI responsibly. 

Satellite Anomaly

Inmarsat uses anomaly detection to monitor and correct satellite positioning, reducing the manual effort required, and preventing outages.

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Satellite Inmarsat
Customer 360 View

Gain a holistic understanding of customer interactions, preferences, and behaviors across multiple touchpoints to cultivate customer relationships. 

Enterprise Data Warehouse

Unify data sources into a central repository for efficient access, analysis, and reporting with a robust, scalable, and secure EDW.

Analytics Engineering

Transform your data into insights with strong design, development + maintenance of data pipelines and analytics tools.

Old Data,
New Tricks

Pets at Home developed a 360 customer view to increase the loyalty of its consumers and provide a better, more personalized service.

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Cat + Dog
Data Monetization

Use data to obtain quantifiable economic benefits. Unlock new streams of revenue and make business performance improvements.

Data Mesh

Take a decentralized approach to data management, and harness and share data to become self-sufficient at scale.


Monitor + optimize cloud spending, receive alerts for costs spikes and then reduce costs by achieving the insights you need.


We value personal development and learning, in-house and for our clients. As an authorized Google Cloud training partner, Datatonic Academy specializes in helping businesses and individuals to upskill through world-class training programs.

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