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Datatonic and Intel Whitepaper: How to be Hyper-Relevant

Bring Personalised Experiences to Customers The ability to make every brand-to-customer interaction as relevant as possible has been the ultimate goal...

Optimise Your Google Cloud Costs Using Looker

Get a Detailed View with Datatonic + Looker Dashboards Keeping track of Google Cloud consumption is key to monitoring your business’ expenses. H...

Hyper-Personalisation During and Post Pandemic

Author: Matt Garner, Business Development Manager Personalization delivered at scale can no longer be a future business goal. As we’ve detailed ...

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Datatonic wins global award: Google Cloud Specialization Partner of the Year for AI + ML

London, 6 April 2020 — Datatonic today announced that it has received the 2019 Google Cloud Specialization Partner of the Year Award for AI + ML. Data...

Machine Learning for Predictive Maintenance – Part 2: Predicting Hard Drive Failure

In the last post, I gave a brief overview of predictive maintenance. If you haven’t read it already I’d recommend going back and checking it out to ge...

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Warehouse Stock Manufacturing
A Proven Approach to Migrate Your Data Warehouse Platform to Google Cloud’s BigQuery

Unlock the full potential of your data with a proven data warehouse migration approach led by a team of award-winning Google Cloud specialists. Scalab...

Cloud Data Engineering
Sampling Methods within TensorFlow Input Functions

Many real-world machine learning applications require generative or reductive sampling of data. At training time this may be to deal with class imbala...

Building a BQML Linear Model with Looker Using Public Data

Author: Christelle Xu, Business Analyst In my last article I introduced you to BQML and its implementation and integration with Looker. My goal this t...

Machine Learning for Predictive Maintenance – Part 1

Author: Thomas Gaddy, Data Scientist The last few years have seen an explosion in interest in predictive maintenance. But what is predictive maintenan...

Vertex AI
Machine Learning Optimisation: What is the Best Hardware on GCP?

Optimisation of Machine Learning pipelines and hardware is a key component of our work here at Datatonic.  A Machine Learning pipeline is generally de...

BQML Algorithm
Implementing Your First BQML Algorithm in Looker

Author: Christelle Xu, Business Analyst Leveraging BQML in tandem with Looker’s semantic layer to build, visualise, and deliver powerful predictions A...

Celebrating Dataset Diversity in Recommender Systems

Dataset diversity You’ve doubtless come across recommenders before. You’ll certainly have been on the receiving end of a few. The question is, what do...